Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is BIOLUSTRé Repair Treatment?

     A. It is an instant repair treatment that repairs your hair from the inside out to stop and help prevent damaged cause by chemical services and styling tools.

Q. What is BIOLUSTRé Repair Treatment made of?

     A. It is a polymer and protein based product that imitates hair to correct damage.

Q. What is the Daily Maintenance Treatment Shampoo?

     A. It is a specialize combination of a hair shaft building shampoo, with polymers and protein that will give you a mini treatment                 every time you shampoo, this can be use daily.

Q. What is Conditioning Sealant?

     A. This is a low  ph (4.5) conditioner with sealing and silkening agents to soften and make the hair shine. With great cooling         and healing agents for the scalp without build-up or over moisturising the hair.

Q. What is Cleansing Shampoo?

     A. This is a gentle ph (5.5) cleansing shampoo that can be use before BIOLUSTRé Repair Treatment and after when shampooing treatment out of the hair.

Q. If I wanted to bleach my hair, when do I use BIOLUSTRE? 

     A. Same day Process: If you want to bleach your hair, use BIOLUSTRé AFTER you your process. It will repair the damage that bleaching does to the hair shaft and help with even toner deposit.                                                                                                                         

     B. If hair is damaged and needs correcting before bleaching…use 2 to 7 days prior to service. This will ensure the scalp has not been over              manipulated before bleach is applied. If hair was compromised while bleaching the BIOLUSTRé may be applied following service as well. 

Q. If I wanted to highlight or color my hair, when do I use BIOLUSTRé? 

     A. If you want to highlight or color your hair, use BIOLUSTRE BEFORE or AFTER the process, depending on the condition of hair.                        Remember: Best color results on strongest hair shaft. 

Q. If I wanted to perm or straighten my hair, when do I use BIOLUSTRé? 

     A. If you want to perm or straighten your hair, use BIOLUSTRE BEFORE your process. These processes are very hard on your hair so you would want your hair strong enough to take these processes without adding more excessive damage to the hair shaft. 

Q. If my hair is over-processed, brittle and/or breaking, when do I use BIOLUSTRé? 

     A. If your hair has any of these conditions, use BIOLUSTRE IMMEDIATELY! Your hair is in desperate need of repair and this product can help put back what's been destroyed by these conditions. Not only that, but BIOLUSTRE can make you hair stronger, silkier and more manageable than before. I would suggest waiting a short time to do another chemical service. Follow with home Daily Maintenance Treatment Shampoo and Conditioning Sealant.

Q & A Hairpieces and Extensions

Q. Can BIOLUSTRé Repair Treatment be used on hairpieces, extensions and add-on hair?

     A. Yes. Only on 100% human hair, no blends or synthetics.

Q. Will BIOLUSTRé Repair Treatment compromise the bonds of my extensions?

     A. No, it is not an oily based product. It may even tighten the bond if it is a soft bond.

Q. What will the treatment do to the base of my hairpiece or add-ons?

     A. Since the bases are made of a plastic, nylon, or mesh of some sort, try not to saturate the base for it may be difficult to remove.

Q. How often should I use the BIOLUSTRé shampoos and conditioner?

     A. Use as your daily regimen to keep that continuing good results until your next big chemical treatment.

Q & A Ethnic Hair

Q. Can BIOLUSTRé Products be used on Kinky or Afro hair types?

     A. Yes.

Q. Can BIOLUSTRé Repair be used before or after chemical straightening?

     A. Yes, one week before straightening or following straightening.

Q. How is BIOLUSTRé Repair applied to ethnic hair?

     A. On clean towel dried hair…saturate evenly.

Q. When do I know when the treatment is finished?

     A. When it is evenly dried and feels hard to the touch.

Q. How soon can I color my hair after a treatment?

     A. You may color the hair the same day either before or after a treatment. (Reds are delicate should be treated before coloring.)

Q. How do I know when to treat the hair before or after a colour?

     A. If the hair feels damaged it needs treatment. We always want the hair in the best condition before colouring.

Q. How often should I use BIOLUSTRé Repair?

     A. Apply when needed. Some clients like to have a treatment on a regular basis…about once every 4 to 8 weeks, unless needed more because of constant damage being done to the hair.

Q. Can BIOLUSTRé Repair be used before a Perm?

     A. Yes, it is advised to use before a perm to even the porosity of the hair shaft which will result in an even curl pattern.

Q. How often can I use the BIOLUSTRé shampoo and conditioners.

     A. Use for your regular cleansing and conditioning needs. Why use anything else!


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