Biolustré's patented technology restore hair back to a near-virgin state no matter how damaged the hair (from colouring, straightening and even chemotherapy)

Biolustré - Youthful hair in just one application!

We believe is the most significant breakthrough in hair care since shampoo. Biolustré has been used successfully on thousands of people worldwide. 

Biolustré is not a deep conditioner, hot oil treatment or like any reconstructor you have ever used before. 

Biolustré enters the hair shaft and binds to the hair with a restructuring polymer that is chemically similar to hair. 

Biolustré rebuilds hair to a near virgin state, you may then style as usual.

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Biolustré Overview

Biolustré is a manufacturing and marketing company dedicated to providing the hair industry, and ultimately the end user, with unique, patented technology that repairs the hair.The company's product restore hair back to a  near-virgin state no matter how damaged the hair (from colouring, straightening and even chemotherapy)

Biolustré has now used the technology to create Revamp Smoothing System which utilizes the unique properties of the patented polymer to smooth hair without any toxic ingredients.  

Currently, other smoothing systems are being pulled from the market because of toxic ingredients. To date, Biolustré possesses the only technology to replace the products (Formaldehyde & Aldehyde) being banned by the FDA and OSHA and other countries are sure to follow.

History of Biolustré

2001: Biolustré was founded when the Company's CEO filed a patent on technology that was proven to repair chemically damaged hair in one application.

2004: Biolustré launched its first product line, featuring a cleansing shampoo, instant hair repair treatment, maintenance treatment and conditioning sealant. The products was featured in hair trade shows across the US and in UK and received national acclaim in             editorials in Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, etc.

2005: Biolustré expanded internationally and launched its product line in London and South Africa.  Market shares continued to         increase primarily through salon sales.

2006:The Company aired its first infomercial on US television.

2007: The Company launched a new brand (same product, different name for salon use)  Additional distribution was established in Dubai.

2008: The Company signed a contract with Home Shopping Network to launch its infomercial and extended distribution to Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania.

2009: Biolustré sales increase by 58% to approximately $1,9 million.

2010: Biolustré opened a new national training center to facilitate stylist and sales person training. New markets in Russia and larger distributor in Turkey.

2011: Biolustré launches REVAMP (TM) non-toxic smoothing system. 

2015: Biolustré  welcomed a new distributor in New Zealand and Australia.

Biolustré Treatments: REVAMP & REVIVE Available In Salon's
as a Professional Service. Salon Sizes and small Starter kits (under $100) are available.

Home Maintenance products are available for retail.

Discover SALON-SMOOTH HAIR AT HOME: We have created a system  that is easy to use and you will get the results your're looking for right in your own home.

Buy Now and it will be delivered at your doorstep.

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Biolustre's Keratin Smoothing System has the unique ability to keep hair smooth for months with NO daily FLAT-IRON! 

Repair and Smooth to a glossy shine!

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